• Committed to breeding and handling of Friesian horses.


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Friesenstal Reuselinkhof
Meester Brouwerlaan 8
7115 AH Winterswijk
The Netherlands


Get to know Karin & Rob


Karin Reuselink

0031 623 88 46 42

Rob Hesselink

0031 624 90 10 11

Our passion for horses derives from our very early childhood and we have had the great luck to have had the opportunity to follow this passion on a professional basis.

Every horse has its individual character and respectively requires to be handled accordingly. We care for our horses with great sensitivity and love. If we do part from a horse, we take great care to ensure that it changes into good hands. Mass stocks will never be an issue for us. We regard every horse as an individual and not as a marketable good.